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The Mortification of Fovea Munson
The Mortification of Fovea Munson
World Premiere Musical for Young Audiences at the Kennedy Center
Mar 04, 1:30 PM – Mar 19, 6:00 PM
2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566, USA
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actor. singer.

Voiceover Demo
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* in a fun way ;)

(i can cook, too)


who am i?

(2-4-6-0-what's up)

There's a lot I'll have missed, 

but I'll not have been dead when I die.

- Stephen Sondheim

(A Little Night Music)

Farrell got her start performing as a small, red-headed child in New Jersey, when family members would bribe her with cash to sing 'The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow' at holiday parties. She found an early love of dance and discipline with the New Jersey School of Ballet, (sautée-ing onto the Papermill Playhouse Stage in The Nutcracker) and discovered her comedy calling as a business student at Boston University, cast as all the old hags in student productions. Hungry for some actual acting training, Farrell moved to DC to achieve her MFA at the Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University / Shakespeare Theatre Co.

In the DC-area, Farrell has made a career of performing personalities on stage: playing slinky starlets, shrill divas, fading femme fatales, and darlings desperate for fame. She has proven her versatility with Sondheim, Shakespeare, and the Second City alike. 

With the skills for developing new work - as a quick study with a deeply collaborative spirit - Farrell has helped bring to life 7 world premiere musicals and plays. She co-wrote and co-starred in the millennial musical "You, or Whatever I Can Get," which won Best of Fringe when it premiered at the Capital Fringe Festival, and was subsequently nominated for the Helen Hayes Award for Best Original Play or Musical.  

Farrell's voice can be heard on regional radio and online ads. She loves jazz music, standup comedy, and vegetarian cooking, and looks at life as one big creative pursuit. You can see her next spring, on stage at the Kennedy Center as Whitney - an aspiring singer whose trip to Miami to join the reality competition “Make My Voice” doesn't go as planned - in the world premiere musical for young audiences, “The Mortification of Fovea Munson.”

let's hear it for the girl! 

reviewers have said...

"forceful presence and vocal prowess...Parker registers an ice-queen magnetism"

- Celia Wren

   The Washington Post


"pitch perfect"

- Andre Hereford

   Metro Weekly

"Parker has a rock-belter's voice, effectively unfussy"

- Nelson Pressley

   The Washington Post


- Chris Klimek

   Washington City Paper

"she sells every moment...and Parker is a crowd-pleaser"

Brightest Young





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Commercials +

Commercials +

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production photos

Check. Me. Out.

(with a little more mascara on)

1 - as Lina Lamont in 'Singin' in the Rain' at Olney Theater w Rhett Guter. 2,8 - as Queenie in 'the Wild Party' at Constellation Theatre Co. w Jimmy Mavrikes. 3 - as Helena in 'Midsummer' at the Academy for Classical Acting w John-Alexander Sakelos. 4 - as the Singer in 'We're Gonna Die' at Flying V Theatre w Jason Wilson. 5 - as bovine diva Miss Dairy Parton in 'Acoustic Rooster's Barnyard Boogie' at the Kennedy Center. 6 - as Daphne in 'Fly by Night' at 1st Stage w Aaron Bliden. 7 - as Lara in 'Sheila and Moby' at Flying V Theatre. 9 - as Jenn in 'You, or Whatever I Can Get' at Flying V Theatre w Doug Wilder. 

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Yep! I'm a tax preparer and I have a tax business designed specifically to serve artists!


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An Original Musical

I co-created this musical once upon a time and I'll love it forever. You can listen to the cast recording on bandcamp.

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